“Unity in Diversity”

The societies are becoming polarized, fragmented and diverse at the same time. Diversity will continue to increase despite the rise in rightist extremism. The wave of nationalism, identity issues and intolerance is having impact on all of us. Conflicting values, faiths and outlooks have divided the communities. We at OPP believe that diversity is a blessing. It makes the world more colorful and interesting. The “unity in diversity” can bring out new and powerful ideas and make the world a better place.



“Strive to eliminate exploitation and discrimination through meaningful dialogues”

Together with Pakistanis living in Netherlands, OPP wants to inspire change. We should connect the communities and participate in any way we can, in developing a just society with equal opportunities which is free of all kinds of bigotry.

Who we are

There are some Pakistan-related organizations in the Netherlands. Their activities tend to be focused around the religion and the culture. This is perfect since almost all of us feel the need to be connected to both.

On various occasions we continuously and increasingly came across youth of Pakistani origin who feels, in many ways, different  than their parents’ generation. There is an obvious gap between the 'migrants' and the 'natives'.  It is not just a typical generation gap. It is also about growing up and living in a society with values very different to the values adhered by their parents or, even conflicting. It’s every individual’s right to accept those values fully, partly or not all or create her/his own new set of values.


There was a need for a platform where everyone could openly bring up and discuss the issues often considered as taboo, without labeling people, with mutual respect, tolerance and without putting people into “boxes”. Uniting them instead of dividing them. Promote harmony. Bridge the gaps. Not be affiliated with any political party.


Thus we introduce OPP as a platform for the people of Pakistani origin to promote progressive values in a multi-cultural environment. OPP had been established in the summer of 2016 by a small group of people. Its inaugural meeting was held on December 16th, 2016.

All countries in the world have multiple ethnicities, cultures and religions. OPP is a forward-looking organization, which believes in equality and human dignity. We respect the freedom of choice of all individuals as long as they are tolerant and respectful about the choices of others. We believe every culture enriches our lives.

What we do

We build and engage the community to realize our Vision and Mission consistently and continuously through:

  • Offering a platform where people can express their views freely.

  • Organizing and encouraging dialogues on critical topics.

  • Creating awareness on the socio-economic issues, their reasons and consequences.

  • Promoting tolerance equality and mutual respect through our events.

  • Establishing contacts and offering solidarity with the like-minded organizations in the Netherlands, Europe and Pakistan.

How we do
  • We bring communities together by stimulating an open dialogue based on mutual respect.

  • We organize regular events often on the topics, which are taboo but are close to our hearts and impact us.

  • We try to understand and analyze important issues and encourage the community to come up with answers through discussions and workshops.

  • We work to bridge the generation gaps and promote cultural harmony.

  • We support critical debates on socio-economic-political issues and promote tolerance.

  • We offer moral support to the like-minded organizations in the Netherlands, Europe and Pakistan.