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OPP's Annual Review & Planning Meeting 2017

OPP was launched one year ago. To be precise, its first public meeting was held on December 16th 2016. Now was the time to review our progress, achievements and mistakes, to evaluate what we did well but also identify what we could have done better. Almost a half day long meeting was designed in a workshop setting where we reviewed our vision, mission, and objectives while recalling and reiterating our progressive thoughts. The participants discussed certain aspects of the organizational development and then presented their consensus based deliberations to the plenary. Focus of such a very healthy and productive discussion was to ascertain perception of the diaspora about OPP; whether events organized by the OPP were somehow responsive to the intellectual and practical needs of the community; besides events, what type of other activities could be arranged to engage the community while promoting progressive thoughts; and last but not the least, what steps should be taken in future for developing and strengthening this platform in a sustainable manner?

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